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Arnold Jäger Holding

Step on it, Arnold!

How the Arnold Jäger Holding achieves a five years competitive advantage with windream

Five years of competitive advantage? And even in a highly specialised market segment? How can this work? Marius-Quintus Jäger, member of the Managing Board of the Arnold Jäger Holding GmbH in Hannover doesn‘t need much time to find the answer: “With an intelligent business information system which is able to integrate all important enterprise-related information into one complete IT-solution – independently of its specific origin.” Does a system like this really exist? Yes, indeed!

Key facts:

  • Implementation of an intelligent business information system
  • Integration into ERP-applications
  • Flexible handling of the ECM-system
  • Improvement of competitiveness
  • Integration of all companyrelated information into one single and complete IT-solution


Case Study Arnold Jäger Holding


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