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All Nice and Tidy!

Digital customer and object files at EGW-Heimstätte (EGW Smallholding)

„Our filing cabinets looks all nice and empty, now that we got rid of all these papers!“ Attila Magyar, executive director of EGW-Heimstätte (EGW Smallholding) in Vienna, is happy to state. „Every time our tenants had questions regarding their contracts, we had to go through the trouble of searching through our hardcopy files. Only then could weanswer the question.“ This has changed radically, because since 2010, EGW employees have been using the windream ECM system for managing all business-relevant documents required for managing their tenants‘ files.

Key facts:

  • Quick and efficient answers to customer requests
  • Convenient integration of e-mail correspondences into customer and object data
  • Significant time-savings due to digitalization of files
  • Interface to the branch-specific application JET DOMIZIL
  • Quick research operations via meta-data in barcodes and via fulltext searches
  • Convenient transport of digital documents on portable computers


    Case Study EGW-Heimstätte Gesellschaft m.b.H


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