FCS Flight Calibration Services

“Setting the Standard” – windream in Flight Inspection Services

Document management at FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH, Braunschweig

FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH, located in Braunschweig (Germany), calibrates navigation and surveillance facilities and performs flight validation for Air Traffic Control (ATC) on behalf of European air navigation service providers. This business requires perfect preci­sion and the highest degree of communicative interaction. The use of a modern and powerful document management system is an important tool for efficiently supporting the achievement of FCS objectives. The company‘s business-related information administration requires the same standard of precise and effective work.

Key facts:

  • Minimum introduction risk due to full Windows integration
  • Fulfilment of requirements from the regulated business environment of FCS
  • Uncomplicated system handling
  • Structural mapping of paper-based archive in an electronic DMS
  • Price-/performance ratio
  • System performance


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