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Forensic Institute

Straight out of Quincy!

Forensic examiners archive evidential documents with windream

Who doesn’t know him, the strong-willed forensic doctor Quincy M.E., title character of the successful US crime series, in whose lectures whole bunches of students fainted at the sight of a corpse? Taking a look at the activities of a forensic institute, it becomes obvious why Quincy’s students used to lose their nerves during autopsies.

The range of jobs in modern forensics is wide: It includes the examination and evaluation of cases of death – e.g. in case of third party liabilities – of criminal assaults, of possible errors in medical treatment, of poisonings and dubious kinships, of biological DNA traces and of complicated forensic questions. Quincy himself would have been glad to have the tool used by the forensic experts today. But Quincy didn’t know windream!

Key facts:

  • Direct transfer of electronic PDF-documents to the windream Archive
  • Electronic archiving of all order-related documents in the forensic institute
  • Gapless documentation of all relevant forensic processes
  • Quick availability of all archived information


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