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Sauer Brandschutztechnik GmbH

Not Playing with Fire

Document archiving and mobile ECM at Sauer Brandschutztechnik GmbH

Construction supervision authorities and insurance agencies lay down ever-increasing requirements towards efficient fire protection, which both private builders and owners of public buildings have to consider and fulfill. Especially in the recent past, the complexity of fire safety reg­ulations und prescriptions has been drastically increasing. As a consequence, the planning and realization of highly efficient fire protection measures for building projects of all types are increasingly carried out by specifically trained professionals and specialized companies, who do not only know their way around the bureaucratic jungle, but who also have lots of experience with the realization of efficient fire protection measures.

Key features:

  • Mobile data transmission via Smartphone
  • Access to all documents and wireless transmission, regardless of your location
  • Compliant document storage
  • Modular ECM system with individually selectable windream modules
  • Document digitalization and automated storage with NSI AutoStore


Case Study Sauer Brandschutztechnik


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