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Setraco Nigeria

„What windream can do for Nigeria“

windream partner Oliver Könen is doing pioneer work in Africa

Nigeria. Tropical climate with heavy rains from April to October. Dangerous sand storms during the dry season from November to March. Nigeria – that means heat, mangrove swamps, rain forest, savanna and desert. Nigeria, which is about two and a half times as big as Germany with its 924,000 square kilometers, is the most populous country in Africa and the eight-most populous country in the whole world with its 158 million inhabitants.

Key facts:

  • Systematic scanning and digitizing of heterogeneous paper documents
  • Structured archiving of captured documents in the windream Archive
  • Data synchronization with windream Mobile
  • Automated forms generation and administration in the ECM-system
  • Construction and organization of a centralized knowledge pool for Setraco


Case Study Setraco Nigeria


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