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Wanggo Reifenvertriebsgesellschaft

Safety through Competence – or...

…why the Austrian tire retailers Wanggo are not losing their grip

With 100 employees at five business locations, the Wanggo tire retailing company offers its customers „Safety through Competence“. Wanggo represents a typical middle medium-sized, but most importantly fastgrowing company which has been able to firmly establish itself in the Austrian market for tire retailing and enjoys an excellent reputation. At their headquarters in Linz and further Austrian branches in Eferding, Ennsdorf, Pasching and Linz-Katzbach, Wanggo provides everything drivers need for an optimal tire equipment.

Key facts:

  • Seamless integration into the ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Compliant archiving of receipts
  • Reduction of paper weight
  • Efficient digitalization of receipts
  • Speeding up business processes


Case Study Wanggo Reifenvertriebsgesellschaft


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