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New windream integration: Audit-proof document archiving with EMC Celerra

A further integration into a third party product is available now: the windream implementation into the EMC Celerra storage system. This solution allows users to connect windream to the powerful hard disk storage concept provided by our American partner EMC2. With this integration, users will receive a complete solution for compliantly archiving even huge document volumes on a modern and extremely secure hard disk system.

Powerful: Celerra and windream

With this new product, we especially address medium-sized companies which need a high availability and legally compliant archive for storing their documents at an affordable price. By its scalability, the storage system can be adjusted to individual needs any time. The new integration extends the EMC Centera implementation and integrations into other provider solutions, which have already been available for some time now.

Wide-range support

Generally and in connection with the windream high performance archive, windream supports a whole range of different interfaces and storage solutions, e.g. local RAIDs or file servers as well as Storage Attached Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storages (NAS). These systems can even operate in parallel use if they are supported by the windream ECM-system and by the windream high performance archive software. A flexible handling and the integration of the storage solutions allows users to extend windream to a complex but easy to handle Information Lifecycle Management System with hierarchical storage management.

High performance archive and life-cycle

EMC storage systems are controlled via the high performance windream archiving software. The archiving processes and the document storage in the EMC solutions are executed on the basis of rules defined in the windream life-cycle administration module. In this context, windream can e.g. automatically calculate the archiving period or the point of time a document is archived on the basis of the specific data like e.g. creation or modification dates. The documents to be archived will be moved to a defined storage sector of the connected archive providers automatically, if the defined point of time has been reached. The complete process does not require any manual interruptions by users.


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