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windream technical news: E-Mail Appender for windream services notification

Did you know that you can configure a convenient e-mail notification service which will automatically inform you on error messages and warnings of the windream services? In windream version with multi- and logger patch or in windream and higher, messages like e.g. errors and warnings can be sent via SMTP-mail. However, it is required to configure the logging behavior of the windream services via a so called “log.properties” file. With suitable and individually configured e-mail filters of your mail client you will always be informed on the correct operation of currently active windream services, and you will be informed directly about critical processes. This way, possible error reasons and system failures can be identified without delay.

Configuration of an e-mail appender

In order to configure error messages as e-mail notification and as an addition to logfile output, an additional SMTP mail appender must be entered in the “.properties” configuration file of the respective service, e.g. “MAILMSGS”. This appender will send mails to selected addresses when messages of specific log levels are created, e.g. fatal, error or detail. The windream “wmft.log.properties” file determines the log outputs of the windream fulltext service on the windream Server. By default, no e-mail appender is defined, it must be created manually.

E-mail notification – step by step instruction

For those users who e.g. want to know how to configure an e-mail appender for the windream archiving service, further information can be found in the windream administration guide, see chapter 4, page 72, and in the “windreamAdmin.chm” help file under keyword “Mail-Appender”.


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