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ECM now! windream and six further ECM-suppliers start extensive marketing campaign

windream, d.velop, Easy Software, ELO, Optimal Systems, Saperion and SER have incorporated to start an extensive marketing campaign, which is unique in the ECM IT-branch. The campaign was started on the first day of the DMS Expo fair at Cologne in September. Named “ECM now!”, the ECM-companies want to emphasize the advantages of an ECM-supported information management and explain the efficiency of Enterprise Content Management.

The “ECM Allianz Deutschland GmbH” – which is the official name – cooperates as a joint venture of independent software manufacturers who want to make known ECM-systems as business critical applications and the added values these systems offer. By productivity increase in the sector of enterprise organisation, ECM-software substantially contributes to competitiveness. The alliance will also contribute to stabilise German innovation and Germany as a location for IT-business.

Three reasons for ECM

Why is ECM so important? The answer is easy: Many companies have not yet recognised that the use of an ECM-system saves money and also helps to save time. And: ECM makes it much more easier to handle documents. ECM handles business processes much more quickly, creates a higher transparency in business processes, minimises delay times, enhances information flow, allows detailed reportings and finally also ensures a much more efficient distribution of work processes.

Target groups

The campaign especially addresses CEOs and Managing Directors of companies and has explicitly not been established for product marketing of the companies that have merged in the alliance. Instead, the main reason is to inform decision makers on important ECM-topics and to sharpen the senses for the necessity of ECM-systems.

How shall this target be reached?

In order to point out the importance and the use of ECM-solutions, the ECM now! campaign will present typical everyday problems of companies. This will make the campaign appear as understandable and comprehensible.

The ECM now! initiative will be started with an advertising campaign in the German magazine called Wirtschaftswoche, which – with more than 990,000 readers – counts amongst the most popular economic journals in Germany. A first ECM-message, which will be distributed via this magazine, reads: “Those who search documents will not write any orders.” – Further slogans will follow soon.

Further on, the ECM-alliance has published an ECM-guide for the DMS Expo at Cologne, which basically explains ECM-topics in an easy way. This brochure will also be published in the Wirtschaftswoche later on. Additionally, the campaign will be supported by targeted online advertising and PR-events.
The www.ecm-now.de website, which has already been released, serves as a further platform for announcing events. The website does not only explain basic ECM-topics, but also presents a variety of case studies which can be downloaded. A further event in the chain of actions will be a roadshow, where the associated companies of the ECM-alliance will present ECM-topics.

Customers, manufacturers and partners will gain profit from this campaign simultaneously, because efficiency increase and cost reduction are challenges for any enterprise. How to handle this challenge – that’s exactly what the ECM-campaign will explain. If you want more information on the “ECM now!“ campaign, please write an e-mail to marketing@windream.com.


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