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windream introduces new backup tool for EMC Centera

Our development department has created a new backup tool for users who archive documents of a windream system on a Centera storage solution. With this new tool, windream-specific data can be saved on an external storage solution. On the other hand, it is also possible to restore a backup on a Centera storage again. This way, users are always protected against a possible failure of a Centera storage system and thus against loss of data.

Backup and restore options

The windream backup and restore solution for Centera storage systems offers a secure and efficient method to outsource windream data which have been saved on a Centera storage as a backup copy on an external storage system. In this context, e.g. an already existing windream data archive which has been placed on a Centera system can completely be saved. Further on, a backup process can also be initiated directly while an archiving process is still running, and in which windream documents and associated data are transferred to a Centera system. If a Centera system fails, users would be able to access the copy automatically in offline mode.

The decisive advantage of this option is that users can proceed their work quite normally using the data volume of the archive even if a Centera storage fails. Also, retrieval operations with windream are possible without any delay. After data have been restored on the Centera system again, access is possible via Centera directly again. Additionally, a new Centera storage can be filled with the archive volume of a backup, e.g. after hardware components have been replaced. Besides further Centera storages, any other archiving system can be used as external storage solution, e.g. DVDs, Blue-Ray disks or hard disk based systems like NAS or SAN

Value for money

The Centera backup tool created by windream offers good value for money. Thus, it is especially interesting for those users who – besides their windream ECM-system and their Centera storage solution – need a powerful and easy to configure tool to protect themselves against system failure and loss of data.


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