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Important note for windream administrators: Editing database indices in active operation mode

If required, windream administrators can create, update or even delete database indices with the  windream Management Console. A detailed description of these procedures can be found in chapter 3 of the windream administration guide and in the online help under topic "Creating, deleting or updating database indices". With the option to create database indices for type-specific windream attributes, the performance of a document retrieval operation can be increased, as the search queries will then be conducted on the basis of the DB-indices.

Only when system load is low

Users and administrators who use this option should ensure that database indices should only be modified when system load is low. Depending on the database system used, the creation of a new database index may lock the associated tables in the database. This means that access to documents and folders may not be possible for the time period an index is created. E.g., a creation of database indices without locking and while the system is active is only supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher and only in the Enterprise Editions.

Adjusting the value in the windream configuration

Additionally, the database might require much time for these operations. This mainly depends on the number of available documents and folders. The creation of a database index may in this case be cancelled with a timeout error. In the windream configuration, this cancellation can be avoided, if a respectively higher value is entered on tab page Connections under SQL Server Command Timeouts, entry Standard.


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