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TRIADE InformationSystems GmbH: windream integration into TriCSS-Appliance

Our partner TRIADE InformationSystems GmbH, situated in Neuss, has developed a compliant data storage system which includes a windream integration. The TriCSS-Appliance is connected to the windream ECM-system via the windream ObjectStore.

Checked by "TÜV"

With the TriCSS-appliance, it is possible to save all documents administered in windream in a compliant way, also on storage level. Archiving data on the TriCSS-Appliance – meaning protection from deletion or manipulation – has been checked and confirmed by TÜViT. The TriCSS-appliance has been tested with windream successfully in a so called "proof of concept". It can thus be used as a compliant data storage system in windream installations.

Der TRIADE Compliance Storage Server (TriCSS)

TriCSS represents a harddisk-based network storage server for compliant storage of unchangable data. TriCSS controls determined archiving periods and prevents the deletion or modification of data during these periods. After an archiving period has expired, related data can be removed automatically. A typical application sector of TriCSS is its operation as a classical jukebox; thus, it represents a flexible and unexpensive alternative for jukeboxes. However, it can also be used in complex environments with high availability requirements, because the system is scalable and can also be used as a cluster. TriCSS is supplied as a preconfigured appliance which can be installed via standard network protocols quickly and easily and without any time-intensive adjustments.

"Trusted Product" Certificate

TriCSS is the only harddisk based long-term archiving solution for compliant archiving which has been certified as a "trusted product" by the German TÜViT. TÜViT especially checked factors which are especially important for long-term archiving, e.g. compliance, security and protection against manipulations. The German TÜViT organisation is in charge of checking the system security of IT-products, and the institution has been certified by the German Ministry for IT-Security. Further information on TÜViT and on the "Trusted Product“ certificate can be found under www.tuvit.de.

Sources of supply

TriCSS is a software product of TRIADE InformationSystems GmbH and consists of a completely integrated and preconfigured appliance which can be installed very quickly and easily. With partners like Fujitsu Technology Solutions and ADIVA, TRIADE offers a complex product range which covers nearly any application sector and which also allows users to create their individual configuration variants.

Further information on the TriCSS-models at ADIVA can be found under www.adiva.de. With partners like the IBM Corporation and BellMicro, TRIADE offers products which especially address the topic of jukebox replacement. The products allow users to replace jukeboxes in an unexpensive way by IBM-platforms. Further information on BellMicro can be found under www.bellmicro.eu.

TRIADE InformationSystems GmbH – the company

TRIADE InformationSystems GmbH is a competent company for IT-solutions and projects. TRIADE was founded in 1991 as a consulting company for archiving solutions. Since this time, the company advises national and international customers successfully. TRIADE's long-term experience has also found its way into the devlopment of the Compliance Storage Server (TriCSS).

TriCSS is the basis for the TriCSS-Appliance, which is distributed via system partners. Further on, the Compliance Storage Server is also used by solution partners in their own Compliance Storage solutions. Further information on TRIADE can be found under www.triade.de.


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