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Kinetic AG launches three new Musketeers for windream

Our Suisse partner Kinetic AG has developed three new modules for the "Dalvany" solution destillery. These three "Musketeers" do not ride for the king of France, but for windream and extend our ECM-system by interesting new features.

First Musketeer: Rule-based storage client "Dalvany" for windream

The rule-based storage client "Dalvany" has been redesigned completely. It extends the default windream indexing function, which further simplifies the introduction and acceptance of the ECM-functionalities. From now on, windream users need not select windream-specific storage locations manually any more. This is done by the musketeer himself. Even the associated document analysis process has been standardised in a way that a complete set of document and folder types is supplied with the software directly. However, the names of index fields can still be changed manually.
The rule-based client can also automise and execute a whole variety of further jobs without manual interruptions. These are e.g. an automised object and index assignment on the basis of document properties of Office files and images. This means: If a document contains the information required for indexing, a user will not have to add further index information any more.This procedure even allows users to avoid the filling of index dialogs with respective index information. Further features are the memory of the last value used, multiple indexing and an automised document storage process, the rights assignment and the assignment of file names on the basis of the index values. Further on, index masks are created dynamically. For each object type, only those indices will be indicated which are actually required for a selected document type.

The new module also allows you to migrate complete file server contents to windream.In this context, the system leaves document references at the original storage location so that users will be able to retrieve the documents which have been moved even after the migration process has been finished very quickly. The musketeer can completely be integrated into the windream indexing service. All settings which are important for the storage client are saved in the database..

Second musketeer: The quality management tool "DiPP"

In quality management systems like e.g. in the ISO 9000 series, business processes are presented and described, and the responsibilities are documented and managed. With the "DiPP" musketeer for windream, Kinetic has created an interface which makes the documents managed with windream available in DiPP and which references the associated processes. The interface ensures that always the correct version is available in the process documentation. The interface does not only allow the publication of documents from windream, but a process definition and the document versions can also be saved in the windream archive.

Third musketeer: MQMD administers regulated documents

With the MQMD-module named "Regulated document", it is possible to manage all kind of information in windream which is controlled by a regulated life-cycle. The musketeer adjusts himself to all types of regulated documents, whether in the industry or in the healthcare sector. This way, it e.g. administers training certificates and receipts. Additionally, he can also print documents in a "controlled" way and insert individual watermarks, if desired. And, what is even more important: The integration of an electronic signature will prove the authenticity of signed documents. Last not least, this musketeer also provides a method of compliant archiving on different media like e.g. hard disks.

Trained bodyguards

Kinetic announces that these three musketeers have especially been trained for executing the windream jobs described above. Further information on the new musketeers can be found in the web under www.kinetic.ch. After having made a respective appointment with Kinetic AG, you will also be able to watch a live demonstration, in which the musketeers will show their power exclusively for you!


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