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windream partner FlowCom IT Solutions GmbH integrates windream into the APplus ERP-solution

Our partner FlowCom IT Solutions GmbH situated at Straubenhardt, southern Germany, offers a new windream integration which connects windream to the APplus ERP-solution, a product of AP Automation & Productivity AG. The integration is already used at the FORMAT Tresorbau GmbH & Co. KG in Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany.

Managing receipts with windream

The windream APplus integration by FlowCom allows users to transfer receipts directly from the ERP-system to a freely definable filing structure of the windream drive and to save the receipts there. A retrieval operation for documents which have already been archived can be executed directly from APplus. Retrieved documents are presented in the ERP-software as lists. All information saved can be opened from APplus. Documents can be edited, saved again, archived and versioned. Access to the information captured in the system is either possible via the windream Share Drive or via the windream Web Portal internet application. In order to capture new documents, the system also supports drag and drop functions to e.g. transfer documents from the file system to APplus or to move already captured documents from the windream ECM-system back to another file system or to the desktop.

Indexing by data field links

In order to index ERP-receipts archived in windream, users can use any APplus data field as a windream index field. All worksteps can be executed from the ERP-system without having to leave the user interface of the ERP-system. In this context, it is especially important that all documents saved in windream are listed in their specific ERP-context as an overview and that they can be viewed after one mouse click only. This will save much time, as any document can be made available immediately.

Automatic post-indexing

FlowCom has also implemented a component for post-indexing which adjusts address data from the ERP-system automatically with the respective information from incoming fax messages and e-mails and which uses this information as indices in windream. windream also captures, archives and provides all receipts which have directly been generated in the ERP-system.

Combination with multifunctional devices

The windream integration into APplus also allows users to implement multifunctional devices of our partner Konica Minolta. With these devices, paper documents can be scanned and made available to the ERP- and ECM-system as digitised documents. Scanned documents are indexed automatically on the basis of associated ERP-data.

Die FlowCom IT Solutions GmbH

FlowCom IT Solutions GmbH bundles a more than 20 years experience in analysis, evaluation and project management in complex IT-systems. The basic experience of the company is a specific approach with which not only more efficient solutions can be found, but with which customers can also achieve more reliability concerning investment and IT-supported projects. The results are no short-term ad hoc solutions, but complete economic concepts which are oriented towards customers. With FlowCom, customers have an experienced solution provider by their side and a personal instructor for all involved strategic decisions.

Interested companies can contact Peter Bach, Managing Director of FlowCom IT Solutions GmbH, directly under phone number +49 7248 92498-20, or send an e-mail to: peter.bach@flowcom.de. Further information can be found in the web under www.flowcom.de.


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