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windream cooperates with Silent Cubes

New integration into the Silent Cubes storage technology of Fast LTA AG, Munich

FAST LTA's "Silent Cube"
Source: www.fast-lta.de

We have introduced a new integration for our windream ECM-system. With an ECM-software interface connecting Silent Cubes to windream and besides a whole variety of other storage provider integrations which are already available, we now offer a further solution with which windream users can save their data in a secure, hard disk based long term archive. Silent Cubes – a product of Fast LTA AG, Munich – offers most modern energy saving technologies at an affordable price. With windream and Silent Cubes, not only medium-sized companies get a complete and integrated ECM-platform including a long term archive which is scalable, inexpensive and easy to handle.

Configuration via the windream life-cycle administration module

As the windream ECM-system – due to its open architecture – can also be used in very heterogeneous IT-environments for document archiving ideally, a connection to the Silent Cubes long term archive can be established without any efforts. The Silent Cubes storage system is addressed and configured via the life-cycle management module integrated in windream. Besides other configurations, users can determine the editing and archiving periods there. The rules which determine the life-cycle of documents can also be combined with the settings of the respective windream-specific document and folder types, which describe the ECM-related object properties of the documents saved in windream.

After the editing period which had been assigned to a document has expired, the respective object will be protected against further editing (read-only) and transferred to Silent Cubes. Afterwards, it cannot be modified any more. However, the Silent Cubes storage technology and the windream archive software will ensure that any document archived in a Silent Cube can be retrieved without delay. The windream-specific retrieval functions are available for queries.

The storage technology of the Silent Cubes

With Silent Cubes, Fast LTA AG (LTA stands for Long Term Archiving) in Munich has developed a modern, hard disk based storage system whose outstanding features are enormous security and an especially energy saving operation mode.

The Silent Cubes storage system allows users to archive data in a compliant way that fulfills any legal regulation. Besides the archiving of any type of document, the system also saves associated index data, creation and retention dates on highly performant, highly available and undeletable hard disk storage systems using WORM-RAID technology. All data is flagged as “read-only” and cannot be modified during the whole archiving period.

Additionally, integrated components for data backup also allow a replication of data on further, highly redundant Silent Cubes systems so that a loss of data can be avoided completely. With its modular structure and its scalability, even several Silent Cubes can be combined and expanded to an individual hard disk array.
The Silent Cubes windream storage solution is already in use at some customers of the windream distributor KINETIC ag, Switzerland.


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