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Did You Know…?

Two Tips for Optimizing Document Retrieval in windream 5.0

The new version 5.0 of our ECM system windream has been equipped with a find function that offers further options and even more individual adjustments compared to previous versions.
Two tips:

Make All Search Options Available Simultaneously

By default, only the text search is active on the first start of the new find function. If you want to use further research options such as index, object type and quick search simultaneously or if you want to display them in the program interface, open the search options by clicking on the icon of the windream find function in the upper left corner of the application. Then, click on “Options” and afterwards on “Standard Searches”. Now, select the setting “Make this Search Available on the System” (if not yet active) and also the option “Create Search Automatically on Start of Application” for each of the offered searches (index, object-type and quick search). On the next start of the research application, all search functions including the text search will be displayed next to each other on the corresponding tab pages under the task bar and can be launched from there.

Display Mini Toolbar by Default

A further option for optimizing the search possibilities is the mini toolbar. It offers users various file operations for direct execution from the result list. The mini toolbar can be activated in the options via the configuration of the “View”, by simply checking the box “Display Mini Toolbar”.

If you now highlight a document – or several documents – in the result list after a search query, the mini toolbar will appear directly above the highlighted list entries. The buttons of the toolbar enable you to save the highlighted documents in an individual location, to cut, copy and delete them, to open the file path or to display the document properties.

Configuration of the Standard Searches
Configuration of the Mini Toolbar

Further information on the individual settings of the research application can be found in the online documentation, accessible in the menu of the windream search via the button “Help” or via the F1 key.


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