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Important Note on the Update of windream 5.0

Settings of the Degree of Compatibility of the windream Database

During an update to the new version 5.0 of the windream ECM system the case may arise that the degree of compatibility of the windream database is not set correctly. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the fact that the databases are adopted onto SQL server 2005 or 2008 from older SQL servers in most cases.

Until windream version 4.5 this problem did not exist, since the command syntax of the SQL Server was downwards compatible until SQL server 2000. With the release of windream version 5.0, however, we assume a command syntax of SQL Server 2005. Under these conditions, the degree of compatibility must be set correctly, especially if data has previously been adopted from an older SQL server.

How to Adjust the Degree of Compatibility of the Database

  1. Make a backup of the database before the update to windream 5.0.

  2. Select the windream database in the SQL Server Management Studio and open the properties of the database with a right click.

  3. Then, select the options and adjust the degree of compatibility of the database accordingly. A setting of “SQL Server 2005” or higher is necessary.

  4. Now, carry out the windream update.

The current setup version of windream 5.0 ( already contains a notification on this error. However, the error must still be corrected manually. Users with the corresponding rights are offered the current setup version as a download.


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