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“windreamLink for Microsoft Dynamics AX”
Released for windream 5.0

The interface between windream and the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics AX has been used successfully
in various companies for several years. After corresponding tes
ts, the interface has now been released for windream 5.0, too. The release is also valid for the sister product windreamLink for Microsoft Dynamic NAV. Both products are an invention of our partner Pronobis in Vienna. 

Functions of the Interface

windreamLink for Microsoft Dynamics AX expands Microsoft’s ERP software “Microsoft Dynamics AX” by the functions of a professional Enterprise Content Management system. The windream integration reduces unproductive activities such as the storage and retrieval of documents and thus also allows a more efficient communication between employees of a company who have common access to a central stock of documents.

Furthermore, windreamLink guarantees a storage of receipts on incoming and outgoing documents that conforms to the law. All archived documents in PDF format (optionally PDF/A) can be researched comfortably and displayed immediately in Dynamics AX and independently of a Dynamics AX Installation also in the windream ECM system. The ERP interface software can be integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure of an IT environment with all conceivable Office, e-mail and other applications.

windreamLink for MS Dynamics AX
Starting Workflows via MS Dynamics AX

Central Storage and Archiving

All receipts are archived in a central location in the system. The archiving processes are carried out as backend services of the archive server. The wide variety of individual settings offers a flexible adjustment to different system environments. Thanks to the windream integration, users can now easily display all customer-, project-, or job-specific documents with one click directly at their workstation and forward them to co-workers or customers.

Incoming Invoice Processes

In addition, the system supports various scenarios for the management of incoming invoices, e.g. so-called early and late archiving. An efficient processing of incoming invoices is achieved via barcode scanning and optimum integration of release processes of an electronic workflow (windream BPM).

In line with the recent product expansions, Pronobis has changed the product name from “AxaptaLink“ to “windreamLink for Microsoft Dynamics AX“. Further information is offered by PRONOBIS GMBH, Traungasse 11, A-1030 Vienna, Austria (Phone +43 1 71731-411, Fax: +43 1 71731-150, E-Mail: info@pronobis.at).


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