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Important Note

Client Cache for Script Commands in Servicepack 3

From Servicepack 3 for windream 5.0 forward, we offer a Client Cache for windream scripts (con-text menu, indexing service, object type, etc.). We would hereby like to alert you to some particu-larities – especially concerning the editing or testing of scripts.

After the installation of Servicepack 3 for windream 5.0, scripts, icons and bitmaps stored in the lo-cal script directory will be locally cached on the Client on first access to the script directory. Under Windows XP, this operation is executed in directory ”%APPDATA%“, under Windows Vista and Windows 7 in directory ”%LOCALAPPDATA%“. The cache allows quicker access to scripts and commands of the windream context menu.

The path to the script cache can be viewed in the win-dream configuration. The configuration module of the windream Server also contains a button called ”Common – Reset Client Script Cache“, via which the cache on the Client computers can be updated. If this button is clicked, the count for logging changes in menus is increased (so-called “Change Count“), forcing the Clients to read the scripts again on next access. This function requires DMS-Patch 2 of windream version

The local cache at the Client can be reset manually via the configuration (button „Delete Menu Cache“). If required, caching can be deactivated via an entry in the Windows Registry of the Client. For this purpose, enter value “"UseLocalScriptCache" = (DWORD) 0“ in the Registry under key ”HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A.I.S. GmbH\windream\3.6\Shell“.
Further information can be found in the Readme file for the current Servicepack on our homepage, under link



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