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Single Instancing under Microsoft Exchange 2010

Strategic Advantage for windream Users!

Sometimes, important things happen nearly unnoticed: In the 2010 version of the Exchange Server, Microsoft does not offer Single Instancing (SIS) of identical documents anymore. However, windream users will not have to worry about this at all!

For example: In previous versions of MS Exchange, if a PowerPoint presentation with a size of 5 MB was sent to 20 recipients, the size of the Exchange database increased by only 5 MB, since the attachment – i.e. the PPT file – was saved only once (Single Instancing)

With the Exchange Server 2010, this is going to change. Now, a storage capacity of 100 MB is re-quired, since Exchange does not support Single Instancing anymore. Thus, the attachments are saved separately for each recipient of a mail. That would be 20 copies (!) in our example. The result: a drastic increase of the required storage capacity, especially when mails shall be sent to large distributors!

windream 5 and windream Exchange with Single Instancing

windream 5 users employing our e-mail archiving solution windream Exchange for storing their e-mails have a definite advantage here, since windream 5 and windream Exchange do support Single Instancing – regardless of the MS Exchange Server version!

The result: The required storage capacity is drastically reduced. And by the way: of course, all further ECM functions for managing e-mails are still available.


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