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windream 5.0: Did you know ...?

An Index with Several Names

From windream 5.0 forward, a database index in document and folder types can be used and dis-played under several names. For example: a database index to be used as a text input field in the indexing dialog is denominated with “String 01“ in the list of available indices of the windream Management Console. In a document type named “Correspondence”, this index could now be used under field name denomination “Concern“, while in a document type called “Reports“, the same index could appear under label “Topic“. This is only one of the many possibilities offered by this new feature.

The various index names or labels in the corresponding object types are displayed during the se-lection of columns in the Windows Explorer as well as in the columns of search result lists. Of course, they can also still be used as field denominators for index fields in index, object-type and quick search operations.

Further information on this topic can be found in the corresponding windream documentation and in the online help under topic “Type Index“. The documentation and the online help can conveniently be accessed via the Windows Start menu in program folder “windream”.


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