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New Case Study: Don’t Lose Your Grip!

windream at the Austrian Tire Retailer Wanggo

The Wanggo Tire Trading Company is one of the leading companies in the sections tires and rubber products in Austria. The company now uses windream for managing and archiving sales documents and delivery notes. The project was implemented by insideAx, a close partner of our distributor Pronobis in Vienna.

Seamless integration into the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX, compliant archiving of invoices, reduction of the paper load, efficient digitalization of hard copy documents and speeding up business processes – these were the requirements for the implementation of a new ECM system at the Austrian tire retailer Wanggo since last fall. With windream, Wanggo’s administration is on a safe road and certainly will not lose its grip.

Wanggo want to use further windream products in the future, e.g. a solution for e-mail archiving, and extend the use of the ECM system to further divisions of their company. The executive board is especially pleased about the convenient handling of the system and the ”dreamlike ease” with that business processes can be optimized in windream. The project was implemented by the Austrian windream partner insideAx, a close partner of our Vienna distributor Pronobis. Under the motto “Safety through Competence“, Wanggo enjoys an excellent reputation in Austria. In the future, windream is going to contribute to this reputation.


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