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Breakdown of the Connection to the windream Drive on Notebooks with Two Network Interfaces

We would like to alert our customers and partners to an operating-system-related problem that can occur on notebooks with two network interfaces. In certain system environments with notebooks with a windream Client accessing a windream Server, it may occur that a connection to the Server breaks down if the notebooks used possess two network interfaces (Ethernet and WLAN).

Blocked ports under Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R 2 cause connection breakdown

The breakdown of the connection does not result from an error in the windream software, but from a bug of the Windows operating system. The error only occurs for Windows 7 or the Windows Server  2008 R 2 and is due to the fact that the Windows firewall, if configured on notebooks with two network interfaces, blocks various open ports under certain circumstances. This can also affect the connection to the windream Server, causing the corresponding notebook users to lose their connection to the windream drive. The error can occur regardless of the specific status of a note-book (e.g. energy saving mode, standby, etc.), also during running operations.

Microsoft Hotfix

Microsoft published a hotfix for this error under number KB2524478. It describes the blocking of ports and a solution of the problem. The hotfix is accessible under the Microsoft support link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2524478


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