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News from our development department

Current Service Pack and Patches

Our development department provides a current service pack, and DMS and Namespace patches.

Service pack 11 must be installed on Server as well as on Client installations. For windream Client installations, the service pack is available as a Microsoft Installer Patch Package (MSP), in sepa-rate versions for x64 and x86 systems. Please note that this package cannot be used on windream Server installations.

Furthermore, a current Namespace patch is available. After the installation of service pack 11 on windream Clients, we urgently recommend the additional installation of the current Namespace patch. DMS Patch 16 must be installed on Server, Proxy Server and Solo installations. Please consider the notes concerning database updates and compatibilities in the Readme text.

Further information on the contents of the single updates can be found in the corresponding Re-adme files. All current patches and their respective Readme files are available as downloads under the following link:


Further Information

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