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windream Cooperation with Mega Software

New integration connects the windream ECM system and the ERP solution MegaPlus®

In the context of a strategic partnership, windream GmbH is now cooperating with Mega Software GmbH from Dortmund. Mega Software produces and sells the ERP solution Mega-Plus®. Due to the convenient possibilities of integrating the windream ECM system into third-party products and the absolute compliance of the windream archive, Mega Software GmbH decided to offer windream to their customers as an archiving solution for the Mega-Plus® ERP system.

Technologically close

The strategic partnership of the two companies is, among other things, based on the technological closeness of the software products. This way, standard document types such as invoices, payment reminders or entire deliverer and customer files can be moved from MegaPlus® directly to win-dream and archived in a compliant way.

Documents stored in windream can be accessed directly via the MegaPlus® application interface. Unlike many competitive products, this makes the inconvenient starting of further applications unnecessary. By using the windream-MegaPlus® integration, companies will of course fulfill all requirements of fiscal law towards a compliant storage of all business-relevant documents to the full extent.

Research operations in unstructured data stocks

Of course MegaPlus® users will still be able to access any desired unstructured information once the contents have been saved in windream. The information can consist of e-mails as well as of PowerPoint presentations or standard Office documents created in the context of everyday office jobs outside MegaPlus®. In this case, users can access information saved in windream directly via the specific functions of the ECM system. Especially the elaborate research options of windream allow users to retrieve any desired document within short amounts of time.

Automated processes

Automated workflows allow users to save e.g. invoice receipts compliantly and ad hoc in windream. Via windream-specific functions such as the history, the time at which a specific user inside a department signed a specific invoice can be traced at any time.

Opinions on the partnership

Roger David, executive director of windream GmbH, describes the new partnership as "smart" and emphasizes, "windream operates as an integral part of MegaPlus®. This means that windream operates silently, allowing MegaPlus® users to focus entirely on their work with the ERP system."

Volker Meisterjahn, representative of Mega Software GmbH, and Roger David view the coopera-tion as a partnership “on equal terms“: "Both companies are professionals in the development of innovative software solutions, of about the same size, and want to achieve the best possible solution for their customers." Meisterjahn adds, "Since the products of our two companies are techno-logically so close to each other, we can offer their added value to our customers. Since windream as a virtual network drive behaves like a regular file system for the user, no further effort in training is required, either."


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