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Extended windream ECM solution for SAP applications

windream SAPcommand Connects SAP World with windream Enterprise Content Management

Under the name “windream SAPcommand“, windream GmbH now offers an extended solution for SAP applications, which distinguishes itself from previous versions of our SAP integration by its extended range of functions. The new software allows users to connect SAP applications such as SAP ERP with the windream ECM system. With its generic inter-face to the SAP world, this solution offers a wide variety of possibilities for the further processing of incoming documents, which used to be connected with considerable efforts up till now.

windream SAPcommand in detail

windream SAPcommand offers exactly what users have always wanted: a fusion of different software worlds to one completely integrated system. With windream SAP command, SAP users profit from the advantages of the windream ECM system – without having to say goodbye to their familiar IT environment.

windream SAPcommand does not only allow users to – as already familiar – link all SAP-specific processes with any desired documents saved in the ECM system. The process also works vice versa. Links between documents and SAP application are made possible via components provided by SAP. In this context, the architecture of the windream ECM system allows the use of these SAP components according to the specific requirements of each customer. This results in a direct link between SAP-specific editing processes and efficient Enterprise Content Management, since windream SAPcommand seamlessly links documents saved in the windream ECM system to SAP applications.

In this context, scanned and electronically created incoming documents – e.g. Office documents or e mails – as well as information already filed in windream can be archived compliantly and linked to SAP application documents. The required indexing processes are carried out automatically and in the background, making additional manual operations unnecessary for the user. The indices can be used for identifying and retrieving documents both in windream and in the SAP application.

Further information

For detailed information on windream SAPcommand, please feel free to contact windream GmbH under phone number +49 234 9734 0 or via e-mail to sales@windream.com.


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