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TEAC Europe GmbH Archives Electronic Forms with windream

Internationally active audio and IT company as new windream customer

TEAC Europe GmbH, one of the largest subcompanies of the Japanese TEAC Corporation, is a new windream customer. In the future, the company will use the windream ECM system for the management and archiving of electronically created forms. With TEAC Europe GmbH, another internationally active company and one of the world’s leading producers of hi-fi, high-end and professional audio systems, IT products and digital media joins our clientele.

Efficient output management and digital archiving of forms

TEAC Europe GmbH, based in Wiesbaden, will primarily use the windream ECM system for the management and digital archiving of electronic forms, e.g. invoices. The forms, previously created in an output management system, will be converted into the universal PDF or PDF/A format and transferred directly to the compliant windream archive. The PDF conversion and the subsequent storage of the documents in windream are carried out automatically. The entire process does not require any manual interference from users. For a quick retrieval of documents archived in win-dream, all receipts are assigned a barcode (DataMatrix 2D barcode). These barcodes contain the specific index properties of documents. The windream ECM system can then use the information saved in the barcodes as indices for a quick identification of the archived documents.

The installation and configuration of the windream ECM system at TEAC Europe in Wiesbaden was conducted by the windream partner "Connect Solution" from Spay am Rhein.


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