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Our CeBIT highlights

Innovations from SAPcommand to Web Portal

At the windream stand at the CeBIT, we will present many new products and product ver-sions from our ECM portfolio. The focus will be put on the presentation of the new SAP integration solution windream SAPcommand.

windream SAPcommand

windream SAPcommand seamlessly connects documents saved in the windream ECM system to SAP applications. In this context, scanned or electronically created incoming documents – e.g. Office documents or e-mails – as well as faxes and information already filed in windream can be archived compliantly and linked to SAP application documents. The new solution also allows users to link incoming documents on the basis of barcodes and to start SAP business workflows or SAP default capturing jobs. 

windream Exchange

Further products to be presented at the CeBIT include a new version of the windream Exchange mail archiving solution, which now offers an extended integration into Microsoft Outlook Web Access. windream Exchange allows users to automatically and manually forward or save e-mails of a Microsoft Exchange Server. Archived mails can be managed efficiently with the help of the windream-specific ECM functions. With Outlook Web Access (OWA) users can even access their e-mails outside of a closed network. This is especially interesting if companies want to allow their employees mobile access to e-mails stored in windream at any time – even outside the office. Users only require a browser and internet access.   

windream BPM

The client application of the business process management solution windream BPM now comes with a new design. With windream BPM (short for Business Process Management) we offer a top-modern and convenient solution for managing business processes, the so-called ‘workflows’. The BPM software smoothly interacts with the windream ECM system and allows users to design, edit and control business processes conveniently and flexibly.

windream bizhub connect

Furthermore, the most recent version of the windream bizhub connect software will be presented. The solution directly connects the windream ECM system to the bizhub multi-function systems by Konica Minolta. We will present the seamlessly integrated system, consisting of Konica Minolta multi-function devices and the windream ECM software, in cooperation with our long-time partner Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH.

windream Web Portal

The most recent version of the windream Web Portal offers a new design, which simplifies handling even further. Our Web Portal allows access to all information saved in the windream ECM system from any place in the world. This way, authorized users can quickly, reliably and independently access the entire document stock stored in windream via the internet, anywhere and anytime.


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