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Agent in Efficient Mission

BPM Agent and BPM Dashboard for windream

Our Austrian distributor Pronobis GmbH from Vienna presents two useful tools for our Business Process Management solution windream BPM. The BPM Agent for windream and the BPM Dashboard for windream support windream BPM users in designing and monitor-ing their workflows.

BPM Agent for windream: convenient workflow designing

windream BPM Agent for windream – configuration

The BPM Agent for windream is integrated into the infrastructure of the windream BPM Server and thus allows users to quickly design even the most complex tasks – all without scripting. Via the convenient configuration interface, specific functions can be assigned to single system steps. Furthermore, the BPM Agent Service allows you to monitor the single functions. It is also possible to initiate further attempts if processes are cancelled, or to send a message to the persons in charge.

Even asynchronous process steps such as sending information to other applications or waiting for a result before continuing a process can be configured easily with the windream BPM Agent – regardless of whether users work with the default client or with the Web Client, since all actions are processed server-based.

BPM Dashboard for windream:
process monitoring per mouse click

BPM Dashboard for windream in the windream BPM Clien

The BPM Dashboard supports windream BPM users with the monitoring of business workflows. Thanks to the direct integration of the BPM Dashboard for windream into the windream BPM Client, authorized users can conveniently display all relevant process details with one mouse click.

Further information

For further information on these tools, e.g. for a documentation with a detailed overview of the single functions and a description of all relevant contents, please refer directly to Pronobis GmbH. Simply send your request to the following e-mail address: bpmcenter@pronobis.at.


Further Information

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