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Did you know...

…that the status icons of a windream search can be customized?

During a windream search, the status icons at the bottom right sight of the search application window provide information on the current status of the operation. The status display in this result list can be customized. You can e.g. assign individual background images to the result list, docu-menting the current status of a search query

Status icons: simple, modern or custom

Ergebnisliste einer windream Suche

The adjustments can be made in the extended options of the result list. In the context menu of a result list, select commands “Options” and “Extended”. You can either completely hide the status symbols or display them in a regular or mirrored view (“Simple” or “Modern”).

The status display can be customized via option “Custom“. For this purpose, the following picture templates in the windream installation directory have to be replaced: 

  • WMListOCX_Ready.bmp
  • WMListOCX_Query.bmp
  • WMListOCX_Searching.bmp
  • WMListOCX_Finish.bmp
  • WMListOCX_Cancel.bmp
  • WMListOCX_Refresh.bmp
  • WMListOCX_UpdateItems.bmp

Please note: In order to roll out these settings to the single workstations, the following registry key for setting “Custom“ must be rolled out, too, i.e. it must be set in the registry database of the clients:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A.I.S. GmbH\windream\3.6\Find\ListView\<windream-Server>\Settings]"PicSelector"=dword:00000003

Further information in the documentation

For further information on these adjustments, please refer to the windream documentation, section 4 98, page 198 ff. of the PDF user guide


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