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Important note for windream administrators

windream Backup under Microsoft SQL Server

We would like to alert windream administrators configuring, administering and saving a windream database as a Microsoft SQL Server installation to a particularity during the database backup. Please note the following:

If a windream database based on an (older) SQL Server version 2005 is connected to SQL Server 2008 or higher, an NDF file will be created in the fulltext directory (FTDATA) during the next generation of fulltext. This NDF file belongs to the database and must always be saved.

The file can usually be found in directory „C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\FTData“ and is named „ftrow_windreamft.ndf“. This NDF file must be saved along with the database file  „windream.mdf“ and the transaction logfile „windream.ldf“ gesichert werden. Only if this file is saved can a complete backup and a complete recovery of the database be guaranteed.

During a windream database backup in this scenario, it is therefore important that the backup contain the following files:

  • windream.mdf
  • windream.ldf
  • ftrow_windreamft.ndf (name may vary, file under: „Database > Properties > Files“).

Further NDF files may exist (secondary data files). The file extension can be selected individually, and further extensions may exist, too.

Important Note

If the NDF file is not saved during the backup process, files  „windream.mdf“ and „windream.ldf“ will be unable to connect in case of a database recovery. This would render the database files unusable!

Further Information

Further information on this problem can be found online at http://www.slickit.ca/2009/02/sql-server-2008-self-destructing.html. Information on NDF files is available at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2707403/what-are-ndf-files.


Further Information

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