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windream in Forensics

Forensic examiners archive evidential documents with windream

A well-renowned forensic institute has been using the windream ECM system for archiving all relevant documents concerning their forensic work for some time now. This includes a variety of different tasks.

They include the examination and evaluation of cases of death, of possible errors in medical treat-ment, of biological DNA traces and much, much more.

From the lab information system straight into the digital archive

For the creation, capturing and processing of forensically relevant data and documents, the institute uses a special laboratory information system guaranteeing meticulous quality controls and a seamless documentation of all forensic processes.

Once the documents associated with a job have been created in the laboratory information system, the data are prepared as printable documents. Next to hardcopy documents, which are still legally necessary in many cases, the IT system of the institute also creates PDF documents, which are forwarded to the windream archive as electronic pendants of the hardcopies. The aim of this procedure is to speed up the process of accessing already archived electronic documents, allowing any desired information on a forensic process to be drawn from the digital windream archive at the push of one button.

Quick availability of all archived information

This is of course much faster and more convenient than browsing through stacks of hardcopy documents and archives, especially since information stored in the windream archive is also in-dexed via the windream-internal fulltext extraction. This function allows users to conveniently identify archived documents on the basis of text fragments or keywords and thus to retrieve them with little effort.

Further information

The complete case study is available for download under the following link in the download section of the infocenter on our homepage. We hope you will enjoy it!

Case Study Forensic Institute


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