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Service Pack & DMS Patch Released

Service pack 15

A new service pack for the current windream version is now available. Service pack 15 should be installed on servers as well as on clients. For the windream Client, the service pack is also available as a Microsoft Installer Patch Package (MSP), for 64 or 32 bit systems. Please note that this package cannot be used for windream Server installations.

DMS Patch 20

Furthermore, a new DMS patch in version 20 is available for Server, Proxy Server and Solo instal-lations. For this DMS patch, please consider the following notes – we generally recommend a database and filestore backup before the installation:

As a new feature, the system will automatically check whether a database update is at all neces-sary on starting the ”WM_5_0_0_14_Server_DMS_Patch_20“ on a main server. The current status will be displayed in a message box: ”A database update is necessary.“, or ”Your database is up to date and an update is not necessary!” Please also note that before an installation of the current DMS patch 20 in a Proxy Server environment, the main server must be updated to patch version 20, too. A corresponding message will be displayed before the installation. Further information on database updates and compatibilities are available in the readme text.

Further information

All patches and their respective readme files can be downloaded under the following link: Download-Link Servicepack & Patches


Further Information

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