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windream in practice

Swiss Construction Firm Says Goodbye to Paperwork

In cooperation with our Swiss windream distributor Kinetic AG from Lenzburg, we have issued a new case study on the implementation of windream at one of Switzerland’s largest construction firms. It explains why Eberhard Bau AG can rely on windream, and why em-ployees can hardly imagine their work without the ECM system today. 

(No) more room at Eberhard

Eberhard Bau AG, based in Kloten builds it all, even on a grand scale: railway equipment and airports, as well as streets and buildings of all types. Further business sectors of the company include the recycling of parts of buildings, cleanups of contaminated sites, the digging of construc-tion pits, and dismantling or demolition work. The company employs about 450 people in the Kloten headquarters alone. It is no surprise that such a wide range of business activities produces extensive amounts of doc-uments. The increasingly large amounts of paperwork finally resulted in the old hardcopy archive becoming cramped – there was simply no more room for further files. 

Not demolition, but digitalization

But what is a large-scale enterprise to do if the hardcopy archive in the basement is suddenly full? Tear everything down, construct a new building, expand the existing one, or rent further rooms? – Even though the Swiss corporation Eberhard Bau AG is one of Switzerland’s leading companies for constructing, extending, or tearing down buidlings, they arrived at a completely different decision: After extensive discussions with our Swiss windream distributor Kinetic AG, they purchased a modern, electronic and conveniently usable IT solution for managing extensive document stocks – in short: they purchased the windream ECM system, to once and for all put an end to their ‘claustrophobic’ condition. Hearing Michael Rime, team leader of the Eberhard Bau secretariat, recapitulate, it becomes clear that this was a good decision: “I can hardly imagine my work without windream, today.” 

Further information

To learn how Kinetic integrated the windream ECM system into the existing IT infrastructure of Eberhard Bau AG, and how windream supports Eberhard employees with their everyday work today, download the complete case study from the infocentre on our homepage.

Case Study Eberhard Bau


Further Information

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