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Feature Preview

New Windows Gadget for windream BPM 5.0

Our development department has created a new gadget for our Business Process Management system windream BPM. The gadget offers users of the windream BPM solution a quick overview of business processes and pending tasks, as well as individual configuration possibilties for the job lists. This new gadget makes work with windream BPM even more convenient, since the gadget is available directly on the desktops of Windows-based computers – just like all other Windows-specific mini-applications. The gadget will be delivered with the future BMP version 5. 

Convenient overview of pending tasks

The new gadget was designed especially for BMP users who frequently need to gain an overview of running processes and pending tasks. Unlike conventional Windows mini-applications, however, the windream BPM gadget offers a significantly larger range of functions and individual configuration and display options.

BPM-Gadget docked on

Many useful functions, and…

After the Windows-typical quick and convenient installation of the gadget, the mini-application displays the number of all pending jobs of the BPM user and a list of jobs to be currently executed in a window. The only requirement is access to an existing windream BPM system, from which the gadget can draw its information. By clicking on the gadget window, the view can automatically be maximized. Jobs with editing periods that are about to expire are color-coded to signal the urgency of the job to the user.

The overview list of the gadget displays the currently logged-on user and his ID, as well as all other information entered in the context of the respective business process in the connected windream BPM system. Users can further benefit from the BPM gadget by configuring, sorting and filtering the columns of the list on the basis of individual criteria. A click on a job displayed in the table opens the windream BPM Client application, allowing an immediate processing of the selected job. It is not necessary to open the windream BPM Client application to view pending jobs via the BPM gadget. 

extended overview list of the BPM gadget

…extensive configuration options 

The configuration module of the windream BPM gadget by far exceeds the range of functions of other Windows gadgets. For example, the options allow the configuration of connections to a windream DMS Server or a windream BPM Server. Furthermore, the polling settings support a configuration of time intervals for updates of the overview list and its entries. This is especially convenient for users who need to gain an overview frequently, and within very short intervals of time.

In a field for the automated server selection, users can select the BPM Server to which the gadget is to connect automatically on starting. Further features include an individually configurable column selection as a presetting for the display of the overview list, a configurable time-frame for warnings against the expiration of deadlines, including color markers, or the freely configurable size of the display window. Last but not least, users are supported by a detailed help function, explaining all options and potential uses of the gadget. 


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