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New case study

Seamless Documentations with “Customized Documentation“

Büchi AG, a customer of our windream distributor Kinetic AG from Switzerland, uses special Kinetic software for creating and managing plant documentations. 

Specialized software with ECM integration for technical writers

The customized software solution “Customized Documentation“ supports technical writers at Büchi AG, the leading producer of high pressure reactors systems and glass facilities for the worldwide chemical and pharmaceutical branch, with the convenient and efficient management of extensive documentations.

On the basis of a direct interface to the windream ECM system, all documentations can be compliantly archived and indexed in windream. Changes to texts can be recapitulated via the windream modules for the creation of new versions and for logging document histories, at any time. This way, entire documentations as well as their contained single documents can be compliantly archived in the windream ECM system and can be made available – at the push of one button, and whenever required.

Further Information

The complete cases study on this customized ECM solution is available under the following link:

Case Study Büchi AG


Further Information

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