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The “Dachs“ Works with windream

SenerTec GmbH, the Schweinfurt producer of combined heat and power units, integrates the windream ECM system into the abas ERP software

Our customer SenerTec Kraft-Wärme-Energiesysteme GmbH has successfully integrated the windream ECM system into the abas ERP software. As the market leader in their seg-ment, SenerTec enjoys an excellent reputation across Europe, primarily due to their devel-opment of the small-scale combined heat and power unit “Dachs”.

Entirely self-managed

Due to the convenient and flexible potentials of use of the windream ECM system, SenerTec GmbH was able to manage the entire integration process without assistance. The abas integration allows SenerTec to display their entire ERP-specific document stock with the abas ERP software. The documents as well as their associated attributes, such as indices, are transferred from abas to the windream ECM system via a completely automated process. In windream, all stored information can then be retrieved and managed in a convenient way.

Display in abas

A further customer-specific adjustment made by SenerTec allows users to open and display docu-ments stored in windream directly via the abas ERP environment. The combination of ERP and ECM software guarantees that users at SenerTec can continue to work with their familiar abas interface, while all ERP-related documents are automatically archived in the document pool of the windream ECM system. The result is a significant increase in efficiency for the management of ERP information and documents. The introduction of the windream ECM system at SenerTec was decided after an extensive counseling period, during which the long-time windream partner Konica Minolta Deutschland GmbH played an important part.

The windream customer SenerTec GmbH

SenerTec Kraft-Wärme-Energiesysteme GmbH was founded in Schweinfurt in 1996, with the aim of developing and marketing a so-called "small-scale Combined Heat and Power Unit" named "Dachs". The company currently employs about 150 people in this business segment. Today, almost 30,000 micro-CHP units generate both heat and energy directly at the place of consumption. Further information on SenerTec is available online, at www.senertec.de.


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