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Microsoft Changes Licensing Model for SQL Server 2012

We would like to alert our partners and customers to the changed licensing model for the Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Formerly: processor licenses

The former licensing model for SQL Server 2008 R2 calculated the licensing costs on the basis of the number of server processors – regardless of the amount of processor cores. This model is now invalid.

Now: core-based licensing

Instead, Microsoft will now base the licensing costs on the number of processor cores used. The new core-based licenses will be offered in packages, containing two cores each. However, all customers with physical servers are required to license at least four cores per physical processor. Extensions of two cores per package can be purchased at any time.

Note for customers with maintenance contracts

Customers with Microsoft processor licenses and Microsoft Assurance Contracts can carry out free upgrades to SQL Server 2012. Once the Software Assurance Contract expires, the processor licenses will be converted to core licenses, and customers will be able to extend their Software Assurance Contracts for these core licenses. SQL Server Enterprise and default processor licenses with existing Microsoft Software Assurance contracts will be converted to at least 4 core licenses per processor, or to licenses for the actually existing number of cores.


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