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FlowCom Presents New Solution for APplus

“Workflow Extension“ connects ERP and windream BPM

Our partner Flowcom IT Solutions GmbH from Straubenhardt has developed a new software solution for the windream BPM Business Process Management system. The new solution, which was first presented as a prototype on the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart last fall, connects the windream BMP Business Process Management system and the ERP system APplus.

A while ago, Flowcom built a reputation with a solution connecting APplus to the windream ECM system. Now, an interface to windream BPM is available, too. Together, the two solutions form a completely integrated software package, conveniently linking modern Enterprise Resource Plan-ning with ECM and BPM.

With the APplus Workflow Extension, users can integrate business processes and workflows into an easy-to-use and convenient user interface, and manage and edit these processes from there. At all times, users are provided with an overview of all pending tasks, including all ERP processes, documents, the entire correspondence associated with a process, decisions, information, and all employees and departments involved in a process.

The APplus Workflow Extension

The new Flowcom BPM solution offers a whole range of useful and innovative features, making the management of business processes and workflows much more convenient. This e.g. includes the user-specific configuration of variables, constants and choice lists, which can be used or eval-uated in dependence of the specific task, a parallel execution of tasks – e.g. of technical and commercial release processes –, the individual configuration of editing forms including the integra-tion of ERP and DMS-specific functions, the management of editing periods, and the possibility of connecting the entire system to further applications within an existing IT infrastructure.

All processes at one glance

The APplus Workflow Extension does not only support users with the management of business-specific processes, tasks and workflows; it also provides an individual and efficient overview of all tasks with their current status. For example, it is possible to open input forms directly via the task list. The list provides a clear overview of all pending tasks, such as ERP processes, mail corre-spondence – including e-mails, of course – alerts, notes and documents of any type, and of all employees and departments involved.

Thanks to the convenient management, control and optimization of business processes and to the complete integration of the APplus ERP system and the windream ECM system into the process management, the efficient management of business processes in companies can be improved significantly. A seamless reconstruction of all executed tasks is guaranteed at any time and without additional efforts.

Die FlowCom IT Solutions GmbH

FlowCom IT Solutions GmbH from Straubenhardt in southern Germany has over twenty years of practical experience with the analysis, evaluation and project management of complex IT systems. The core skills of the company lie in their comprehensive approach to projects, which does not only allow the development of efficient solutions, but also results in improvements of the investment security and the reliability of the methods employed. The results are not short-term, ad-hoc solu-tions, but efficient concepts, derived from the individual requirements of the customer. FlowCom customers not only acquire a pragmatic partner for IT solutions, but also a competent contact for all related strategic decisions. For further information, visit www.flowcom.de.


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