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New case study

From Carriages to Logistics

All across Europe: The Gericke shipping company ensures a smooth transportation of goods. Innovation and tradition are no contradictions for the Gericke shipping company in Hohen-stein-Ernstthal, Saxony. Quite the contrary: The company, which started out as a carriage business in Charlottenburg, developed into a top-modern, innovative and efficient shipping company in the course of its 100-year history. Today, the company owns over 70 trucks and can accommodate large amounts of freight on over 25,500 square meters of open space and in four store houses with 6,000 square meters of space and 40 gates.

Since the summer of 2011, “Gericke & Co. GmbH Internationale Spedition“ (Gericke & Co. GmbH International Shipping Company) has been supported with the efficient provision of their logistic services by windream. Of course, this is not without reason.

Reducing paperwork, rationalizing processes

“We urgently needed to limit our amounts of paperwork“, explains the engineer Alfons Scherer, head of the IT department and managing director at Gericke, and adds, “This coincided with a rationalization of our business processes and a more efficient archiving of our e-mail correspond-ence.” – Three tasks which were extremely difficult to realize. Or were they?

Further information

If you want to learn how the windream ECM system was integrated into the existing infrastructure of the Gericke shipping company, and which role the windream partner KIEFEL Infor-mationssysteme played in this process, download our complete case study.

The case study can be downloaded from the Infocenter of our homepage via the following link.

Case Study Gericke Shipping Company


Further Information

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