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Our ECM Highlights at the CeBIT 2013!

windream 5.5  •  windream app  •  windream DirectStreaming  •  and much more…

Many exciting novelties from our ECM portfolio will await visitors at the windream stand at this year’s CeBIT. The highlights include: windream 5.5, the windream app, windream DirectStreaming and much more ...

New features for windream 5.5

The windream version 5.5 has been extended by new features. For example, these include a PDF XChange integration for windream DocView. The windream search now offers a semantic search function. This feature offers users alternative search terms via a “Did you mean ...” function and a selection of documents similar to the items from the result list, sorted by their relevance. windream 5.5 now also supports the Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 as an operating system and all Office 2013 applications.

Efficient VFS technology: windream DirectStreaming

The unique and patented VFS technology, which forms the basis for windream 5.5, allows users to manage data volumes of over four gigabytes. This is, for example, important for companies that want to use windream for the efficient management of large media archives with video and other media formats, or for the management of data from digital devices. Unlike all other ECM systems, windream allows users to open these data directly from the application on a windream Server..

This DirectStreaming technology results in efficiency of time, a significantly reduced network load, and enormous enhancements of research operations across media archives. Such an increase in efficiency is only possible with the patented VFS technology, and comparable efficiency and speed cannot be found in any other ECM system.

The new windream app

The new windream app allows users to research documents stored on a windream Server via the fulltext. Furthermore, it allows users to mark favorites, to upload documents to the server or to access tasks and processes created and initiated via windream BPM.

The windream Web Portal and windream BPM 5

The windream Web Portal and the windream BPM Business Process Management system now come in a uniform design. The design is based on the layout of the Microsoft Office 2013 applications and of Windows 8. windream BPM now offers support for rights to process designs and to the starting and administration of processes. The integration and use of tables have been further optimized; furthermore, windream BPM now offers an extended web scripting function, and supports parallel processes.

The windream Exchange e-mail archiving solution

The current version of the windream Exchange e-mail archiving solution supports Microsoft Exchange 2013. This is valid for both the Outlook Web Access (OWA) and for the client-based archiving of mails in Office 2013.

Further solutions at the windream stand

The exhibits to be presented by windream at the CeBIT also include the most recent version of an ECM solution for multi-function systems, produced by the windream partner Konica Minolta. And there’s news from the SharePoint integrations: enhanced versions of the windream WebParts for SharePoint will be presented, containing, for example, a windream browser and efficient windream research applications.


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