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Pronobis presents: SecuredLink for windream

Secure distribution of documents “without“ windream


Our Austrian windream distributor Pronobis from Vienna presents a new and very interesting tool. This tool, named “SecuredLink for windream“ allows the distribution of documents via e-mail, even to users without direct access to a windream ECM system. As the name “SecuredLink“ already suggests, not the documents themselves, but links to them are sent per mail – completely encoded and secure. No chance for criminals and data thieves!

“SecuredLink“ makes the time-consuming generation of copies on further servers (e.g. FTP) and the creation of download links unnecessary. For example, the access to documents managed in the central windream ECM system can be embedded directly into a website. SecuredLink is, for example, ideal for sending customer information such as offers or order confirmations, brochures, presentations, technical documentations and guides, or even extensive user manuals.

Security comes first

The possibilities for sending data via SecuredLink for windream can be managed via the default windream rights concept. For example, links can only be sent by users who are members of a group that possesses at least the reading right. The assignment can be carried out via the windream rights management – this allows flexible and detailed controls of the documents to be shared.

Encoded links guarantee that no public users will receive access to other windream documents. SecuredLinks can refer to a specific file version or always to the most recent version of a document. Validity dates allow a restriction of the access to certain time frames.

Transmittal Management for higher requirements

For higher requirements towards the distribution of documents, Pronobis offers a tool named “Transmittal Management for windream“. This tool allows the selection of entire document stocks to be sent to external users, including a version control feature. The transfer protocol – optionally the entire package – and all accesses, serving as receipt confirmations, can be archived to windream. All previously sent information, including their form, the time and the recipient, can be reconstructed at any time.


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