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Integrated and intelligent

windream Partner Scanfabrik KG Offers Modern Storage Solutions for the windream ECM System

Documents are an important part of all business processes. The basis for a smooth exchange and processing of documents is their availability in digital form, allowing the access to these documents at all times. The digital archiving and management of documents is very important in this context, since it allows an efficient organization of the preparation, storage and provision of documents.

Focus: The Next Generation of Storage Media

During the last years, companies such as ASTI/Plasmon (USA) and DISC (Germany) have secured leading roles in this branch for themselves by significantly enhancing their Jukebox systems. Experts are already referring to these optical storage media of the newest generation as hybrid technologies. Modern interfaces such as iSCSI, allow the integration of an IT environment with VM ware. The integrated software allows users to connect one or several shares within a network and to assign them to their own media pool – consisting of a hard disk and optical media.

Modern Hybrid Storage Solutions

The new interfaces for optical storages allow users to use the windream object store for long-term archiving via a network share. Depending on the configuration, active documents can be made available on a quick hard disk storage, parallel to the optical storage, while inactive documents can be stored on a BluRay or on an Ultra Density Optical Medium (UDO).

This technology allows a convenient integration of optical jukeboxes or optical hybrid appliance storages into a windream Server, even without an older, direct SCSI interface. The True-WORM technology fulfills the highest requirements towards the archiving of data, such as SEC 17a-4, Sarbanes-Oxley, GdPU and other guidelines. And in computer centers, green IT, i.e. energy efficiency, during the long-term archiving of large data stocks is especially important. 

Further Information and Contact Data

For further information, please refer to: Wolfgang Stehr, ECM Solutions Manager, Scanfabrik KG, Chromstraße 9, 33415 Verl, GERMANY; phone: +49 5246 9099080, e-mail: ws@scanfabrik.de. Also online at: www.scanfabrik.de.


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