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KINETIC customer Büchi AG

New Update of the “LADZ“ Software Solution

Büchi AG from Uster in Switzerland, a customer of our Swiss distributor KINETIC, has been using a new version of the KINETIC-Dalvany solution “LADZ“ for the automated assembly of documents for some time now.

Compared to the previous version, the update possesses a whole number of new features. These also include a revised and intuitive user interface and significantly enhanced processing speed during the assembly of documents. Furthermore, KINETIC’s “solution distillery” named “Dalvany” has added a flexible function for the creation of master data, a document preview function and an enhanced preparation of PDF files with full PDF/A compatibility. LADZ also supports the import and export of documentation structures and an integration into the software module for a rule-based document storage and archiving in windream. For the next development phase, KINETIC AG is planning to realize a cloud-compatible version named ”LADZ as a service“.

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For further information on Büchi AG and the KINETIC products used by Büchi, please also refer to our detailed case study, to be downloaded from the windream homepage via the following link.


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