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windream and SECUDOS Cooperation

IT Security und ECM under one roof

The IT Security specialist SECUDOS from Holzwickede and windream GmbH agreed to form a partnership at this year’s CeBIT. Under the motto “organize with windream, communicate with Qiata, and get documents on the right track“ the two companies want to demonstrate the exceedingly efficient symbiosis of IT security and modern Enterprise Content Management.

Roger David, executive director of windream GmbH and Markus Gringel, vice president of SECUDOS, on the new partnership: "In line with the current developments on the market, we want to offer our customers and interested parties products which are going to become increasingly required in the future. The combination of IT security solutions and ECM systems will be of vital importance in this context.” The partnership, which had been announced on the companies’ websites since February, was finally made official at this years’ CeBIT. SECUDOS was also present as a co-exhibitor at the windream stand.

Focus on comprehensive solutions

The IT security specialist SECUDOS and windream offer their customers a comprehensive solution, from the creation of documents up to their secure and compliant sending. The key elements of the solution are security on the one hand and convenience on the other.

“No company should be forced to choose between security and convenience. Consumers are frequently told that nothing is possible without the “big players“ in the branch and that data must be sent through a Cloud. This is not true. Rather than that, companies should think about where their data lie and who can access them. We believe that company-internal data should be stored within the company and not in Nirvana,“ says Markus Gringel about the current developments on the market.

windream and Qiata – ECM meets communication

The seamless integration of windream into Windows allows users to work with their files as usual. For the forwarding of data, the SECUDOS product Qiata offers the possibility of sending files via Outlook, via other mail clients or via a simple web interface.

”Data security should start at the creation of the data, already. At this point, you can decide who shall be able to access the created data, when, and how. These settings will be valid until the file is sent. The head of a company should always know what is happening with company-internal information, who is allowed to access it and where it will finally be stored.
Data security and transparency during the storage of data are the decisive factors in this context,“ says Roger David, executive director of windream GmbH. “Software solutions made in Germany are right in line with current trends. The observation scandals of the recent past have made it clear that windream and SECUDOS, an ECM expert and a security specialist, have their fingers right on the pulse of time with their partnership and can offer their customers the reassuring knowledge to be secure.“

For further information on the products of the two partner companies, visit the respective homepages at www.windream.com and www.secudos.de.


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