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windream product premiere

The windream CAD Indexer

New software automatically archives and indexes AutoCAD documents in the windream ECM system

With the windream CAD Indexer, windream GmbH is offering a new software tool which allows AutoCAD users to automatically store construction drawings and AutoCAD-specific document attributes to windream and to compliantly archive them with corresponding indices. This is a big advantage for AutoCAD users: the combination with windream allows a convenient archiving and management of all construction designs, such as machine designs, blueprints and digitally created drawings in windream.

Even complex collections of 2D or 3D construction plans and drawings created in AutoCAD and all associated project data from the AutoCAD-specific DWG files can be indexed and saved to a systematic storage structure within the windream ECM archive with the windream CAD Indexer.

The windream CAD Indexer – detailed information

The new windream CAD Indexer can automatically read parameters created in AutoCAD – i.e. the CAD-specific document attributes generated in AutoCAD – and use them as windream index properties. The user is offered a convenient interface, which allows the linking of AutoCAD meta-data with windream-specific document types and their associated index fields. The mapping of AutoCAD attributes to windream indices is carried out in a 1:n relation.

This means that one AutoCAD attribute can be assigned to several windream indices. The user can select the AutoCAD attributes to be used as index properties in windream individually. The rules created for assignment can be saved and re-used at any time. Index assignment rules created with the CAD Indexer can be changed, saved and executed again at any time.

Configuration via an integrated module

The new windream CAD indexer offers a separate configuration module which allows users to control the ECM-specific behavior of the windream system during the import of CAD files. For example, the behavior of the windream Index Service can be configured via certain settings. The user can, for example, configure whether the windream index mask shall be opened with the document type intended for AutoCAD documents once a new DWG file is added to windream. Generally, however, with the correct settings, AutoCAD documents can be indexed automatically without requiring any user interactions.

About AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a product of Autodesk GmbH from Munich. Autodesk is one of the world’s leading producers of 2D and 3D software solutions for construction, planning and design. According to their producer, the Autodesk products are used by over 10 million users all over the world.


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