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A Close Look at our Exhibition Program

Integrations and solutions for efficient information management

Under the motto “windream – 100% ECM!“, we will be presenting the complete integration of the windream ECM system into Microsoft Outlook for the first time at this year’s DMS EXPO. Furthermore, we will present the new windream Application Connector, an application for linking windream with branch-specific applications, and other current windream solutions. 

Drilling into Outlook: ECM integration into e-mail application

At the DMS EXPO, we will be presenting the complete integration of the windream ECM system into the interface of the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client. The integration of the ECM functions is achieved directly via the Outlook folder structures. The windream integration will add further folder entries to the default mailboxes, allowing windream users to directly access the document stock of their windream ECM system.

E-mails captured in Outlook can conveniently be moved to the windream ECM system for compliant archiving via drag & drop operations. Within the windream system, documents can be retrieved via Outlook. Users just need to enter their desired search term into Outlook to receive a list of hits. Typically for windream, standard ECM functions can also be executed in Outlook, via the items in the extended windream context menu. Furthermore, the document preview ”windream DocView“ has been integrated into Outlook. The Outlook integration also supports the virtual file view “My windream“, allowing users to configure individual views on document stocks without changing the actual folder and document structures in windream.

New to the portfolio: the windream Application Connector

The windream Application Connector allows windream users to link documents stored to the ECM system to branch-specific applications and to view the documents directly via the respective applications without requiring any knowledge in programming. Documents can be opened via previously configured key combinations, the so-called hotkeys. The hotkeys can be configured individually. This way, the Connector allows users to quickly and conveniently access windream documents linked to an application-specific process from a specialized application. This renders manual searches for documents completely unnecessary.

Further solutions in live presentations

Next to the Application Connector and the Outlook Integration, further ECM products will also be presented, including the most recent version of the “windream Imaging” solution and of the “windream BPM” workflow system. Once again, the exhibition program will be complemented by the presentations of our windream partners.


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