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ECM convention in Switzerland

Successful Repetition of Paperless World

The Paperless World convention 2014 was a great success again. On September 3 and 4, KINETIC ag, our Swiss windream distributors, invited their partners and potential ECM customers to the Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur, to inform on the current trends in the management of company-internal documents and in business process management.

Focus: the efficient, paperless office

In cooperation with their partners, KINETIC ag presented the possibilities for managing the everyday work in offices efficiently and entirely without hardcopy documents. The most recent trends were also presented, and were subject to lively discussions. True to this year’s motto „working with the cloud“, the event especially focused on cloud-based document management.

windream representatives happy about lively discussions

windream GmbH also participated in the presentation program at the event. Our experts had the opportunity to lead many interesting discussions with visitors and to answer their questions on the windream ECM system.


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