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New development

windream Imaging 6 Capturing Solution Now Available!

Our new development windream Imaging 6, the completely new version of our document capturing software, is now available for purchase. Unlike the previous versions, the new major release now offers top-modern ABBYY technologies.
windream Imaging offers the extremely efficient ABBYY OCR options for character recognition and processing as a standard. Next to options for importing PDF and TIFF files, already familiar from the previous versions, the new version now also offers options for importing further image formats, such as JPG, BMP or PNG.

Scanning via TWAIN

windream Imaging supports the capturing of images via the internationally standardized TWAIN interface. This option allows users to use windream Imaging in conjunction with most standard scanners available on the market, since the majority of scanners accepts TWAIN as an interface. This means that users are not limited to certain models or providers when choosing a scanner and can always use windream Imaging adequately.

Furthermore, windream Imaging – especially the new features of the version 6 – allows users to configure individual profiles with various options for import, indexing and storage processes. 

Further highlights of the new version

Furthermore, the new Imaging solution also supports the triggering of scanning processes via third-party applications. In this case, windream Imaging – if configured properly beforehand – can act as a scanning module and forward digitalized documents to the third-party application after the scanning process. The software also supports barcode recognition processes and the automated separation of documents.
Documents stored to the system as PDF files after an OCR process can be searched for any desired terms via the fulltext automatically created by the system. Another new feature: the individual and automated storage of documents can be adjusted to customer-specific requirements via the open windream scripting interface at any time and without large efforts in programming.

Free upgrades for customers with maintenance contract “Gold” and “Gold Special”

windream customers with a Gold or Gold Special maintenance contract can upgrade their old windream Imaging versions to the new version 6 free of charge – despite the fact that the version 6 is a completely new development! windream GmbH will also provide the required ABBYY licenses free of additional fees.

For further information on the new product, please contact our sales department. Send your request to vertrieb@windream.com.


Further Information

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